Brotherhood Pictures, LLC is an independent motion picture production company formed in 2008 with three colleagues who have produced multiple features and other projects over the years.

Little Brother Sight & Sound, formed in 2014, began as a post-production solution for Brotherhood Pictures and began taking on commercial clients eventually shifting much of its focus on animation and VFX.

In January 2020, Marc co-founded Little Sister Entertainment – A boutique distribution and publishing house to help bring independent works to market.


A collaborative art form in which I can share a bit of the love for each of it’s culminate arts. That’s the dream. Member of the Directors Guild of America since in 2016.


The day I picked up Jim Lee’s X-Men #20 cover off a news stand I never stopped drawing. Art runs in my family’s blood but it’s the practice and hunger for continued education that makes the wheels turn.


Like many people my age, my childhood was shaped by the Disney big 4, Don Bluth, and Nicktoons. Animation is my first love and it grows stronger all the time.


Having spent years as a performing musician and writer before pursuing film, the move from music editor for my own work to full-on composer was a smooth transition.


Years ago I began writing out of necessity because I needed something to film. I quickly learned I had in fact had things to say. It stuck and I won’t stop now.


The downside of independent filmmaking is no one is going to do anything for you. The upside is that you learn to make things happen for yourself.

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