director. writer. producer. animator. artist. composer.


Brotherhood Pictures

Motion Pictures

Director / Producer

Little Brother Sight & Sound

Animation & VFX Creative Director

Little Sister Entertainment

Publishing & Distribution

XY Partner

directing reel

Marc serves as the Director and an Executive Producer for Brotherhood Pictures, LLC where he has Directed several festival awarding-winning films

animation / motion design reels

Marc is a partner/co-founder and serves as Creative Director for the animation & post-production house Little Brother Sight & Sound based in Orange County, CA.

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About Marc

I am an award winning Writer/Director (DGA) currently looking for representation. I have directed seven independent feature films, having written four of them, as well as commercials and other branded content. I have a deep background in art, post production and animation and am the founding member of two companies in Southern California:

I am Co-Owner and Executive Producer at Brotherhood Pictures, an independent motion picture company focused on developing feature length entertainment.

I am also the Co-Owner and Creative Director of Little Brother Sight and Sound where we produce Animation, VFX and Post Production for commercial and film.

I grew up in the arts and have over 15 years of professional experience working in the field of art having focused or moonlighted as an illustrator, colorist, editor, tattooist, art director, character animator, storyboard artist, sound designer, gaffer, musician/composer, motion designer, visual FX artist, 3d modeler and matte painter. I hope that this list keeps growing and that through films, commercials and other work I am afforded the opportunities for new ideas, collaborators and perspectives.

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