Brotherhood Pictures is the banner I started with three of my closest friends and collaborators many years ago in an effort to combat the idea of not spending the next ten years in story years with scripts in our pockets but instead make films and ask permission later. Scroll down for more info.

Updated Reel Coming Soon

Little Brother Sight & Sound is my company that I Co-founded with Brotherhood Pictures alumni Ronnie Ursenbach as the post-production division of our feature films. It took on it's own life and grew into a fully fledged production, post, VFX, Aerial Cinematography, etc. services company and the other Brotherhood guys have gotten in on the action so it now represents our work as a commercial offering for clients keeping our artistic development under a different name, but the team together.

These reels showcase a small portion of that work with the goal of not reusing ANY of the footage shown in our 2014 reel so please check that one out below as well:)

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