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Hiding in the Open

Hiding in the Open examines one night in the life of two capricious twenty-somethings searching for direction. Good natured but rebellious Chase, fleeing domesticity, joins his lesbian party-girl companion Denny on a tour through Los Angeles nightlife. Abandoned by her fiance and desperate to escape the solitude of her apartment, recovering alcoholic Hazel embarks on a parallel journey of self-discovery punctuated by the beckoning of a whiskey bottle. It’s an emotional experience, finding poetry in it’s images and truth in the spaces we try to ignore.

Hiding in the Open was released in 2013 and is available on online retailers. For more information visit BrotherhoodPictures.com.

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Marc Hampson


Paul Olson


Ryan Schwartzman, Turna Mete, Jennica Schwartzman, Mackenzie Marsh