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Do the things you want to do.

I make feature films, draw stuff, occasionally draw on people, play music, write things, animate cartoons and get my hands into anything else my mind gets caught up in.

I am a festival award winning Writer/Director. I have a deep background in art, post production & animation, and am a founding member of three Southern California based companies.

I grew up in the arts working behind the scenes in church and theater where my Father was a Pastor and my Mother a Musical Theater Director. They showed tremendous support when I began working as a freelance Comic illustrator and musician in my teens and early twenties, until I moved into animation, becoming a character animator and storyboard artist. I began writing and decided it was time to move from panel to camera and began directing in 2008. I’ve directed seven micro budget feature films, having written four of them, with budgets ranging from $2K to $200K, as well as commercials and other branded content. I hope that I am afforded more opportunities for new ideas, more perspectives, and new collaborators.

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Marc Hampson

Artist, Animator
& Filmmaker