About Me

I am a festival award winning Writer/Director with a deep background in art, post production & animation, and am a founding member of two Southern California based companies – Brotherhood Pictures and Little Brother Sight & Sound.

I grew up in the arts working behind the scenes in a small community church as well as the theater where my Father was a Pastor and my Mother a Musical Theater Director. They showed tremendous support when I began working as a musician and freelance Comic illustrator in my teens and early twenties, until I moved into animation, becoming a character animator and storyboard artist.

I stepped away due to developing medical issues at which time I began writing. Getting back on my feet with a changed life perspective I decided it was time to move from panel to camera and began directing in 2008.

Since then I’ve directed and released independent feature films (another to be released here in 2019), with budgets ranging from $2K to $200K, as well as shorts, a web series, commercials and other branded content.

I’ve taken home 17 Festival Awards for various projects including Best Feature, Best Series, Critic’s Choice, Best Storytelling, Audience Awards and Best Director.

About Brotherhood Pictures

Brotherhood Pictures, LLC is a Los Angeles-based production company led by Aaron Fairley and Marc Hampson. It is the collaboration of four friends and artists dedicated to working in tandem to create original feature length motion pictures that speak to their emotional experiences.

About Little Brother Sight & Sound

Little Brother Sight & Sound is an animation studio that believes in the power of story. We offer services in original content development, visual FX, post production, design and animation production. Founded in 2014 as an offshoot providing support for Brotherhood Pictures’ post production needs, Little Brother is an Orange County-based studio led my Marc Hampson and Ronnie Ursenbach.

DGA Guild Member