Before the Lights Come Up

Before the Lights Come Up Trailer

A Brotherhood Pictures Production • Written & Directed by Marc Hampson • Produced by Aaron Fairley, Marc Hampson, Paul Pesnell & Ronnie Ursenbach

Benjamin Nelson (Ryan Schwartzman) became a musical icon adored by fans and critics alike until a devastating car accident took everything away. He disappeared, leaving many to believe he had died while others waited his triumphant return to the spotlight. Like all things, however, time has forgotten him. A decade later, Ben decides it’s time to come home to Los Angeles. He tries to reconnect with his sister Sam(Vanessa Rose Parker) and an old flame, Casey (Jennica Schwartzman) while other push him for a comeback not realizing the damage left by the accident and his real reason for coming back after all these years.

Starring Ryan Schwartzman, Vanessa Rose Parker, Jennica Schwartzman & Noah Gillett